Sandvik Coromant Enhances Tool Family with Precision Coolant Technology

Sandviken, Sweden – Sandvik Coromant has upgraded its Coromant Capto® tool holders for the T-Max® P carbide turning insert. The tool holders now include through-tool delivery of precision over and under coolant, meaning coolant is delivered to both the rake and flank side of the tool, reducing its operating temperature. Because pre-directed precision over coolant can improve chip formation and increase the process window without the need of an operator, this method can be used to improve the efficiency of unmanned machining.

This ensures that the process can be performed more reliably, thereby reducing operator costs. Integrated under coolant also has the potential to improve tool life by up to 20 percent. With increased heat generation, improved component costs, and reduced tool costs per part, the benefit of under coolant becomes even greater. Precision coolant is especially beneficial for machining ISO S, M, and P workpiece materials, and the new holders increase tool life and boost productivity with this addition.

T-Max P inserts are specifically designed for high-performance turning in modern production, whereas the Coromant Capto is a modular, quick-change tooling concept, that includes a wide range of extension and reduction adaptors to support assembling of tools with varying lengths and design characteristics. As part of a tooling offering that combines the modular Coromant Capto interface with the T-Max P clamping insert, the Coromant Capto tool holders for the T Max P are available in two designs: the T Max P® lever clamp for turning medium to large components and the T Max P® rigid clamp, designed to deliver maximum operational security.

“Many Sandvik Coromant products benefit from precision coolant,” shared Staffan Lundström, Product Manager, Sandvik Coromant. “We first began to recognize the benefits of implementing coolant around a decade ago and have introduced it to new and existing products since. As part of this introduction, we offer a complete turning tool solution with both over and under precision coolant.”

Elaborating further on the company’s most widely-used group of turning tools receiving the upgrade featuring a degree of cooling technology to the range for machining demanding materials, Lundström added, “Past performance cases have demonstrated a significant increase in tool life once precision coolant is implemented. For example, one customer saw a 180 percent increase in productivity and a 263 percent increase in tool life when switching from a solution with flooded coolant, a more conventional form of cooling, to tools optimized with our precision coolant solution. With this area of our offering being such a machining staple, we expect many more customers to be able to enjoy these benefits.”

Image Source: Sandvik Coromant


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