SESTO Robotics Expands to Europe, Targeting Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Penjuru Cl, Singapore – SESTO Robotics, a leading Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) company, has expanded in Europe by partnering with automation specialist Baumüller, to bring its flagship AMR SESTO Magnus (Magnus) to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

SESTO is the first Singapore-based robotics company to offer AMR solutions centered on smart manufacturing in Europe. Magnus was built specifically for navigation in space-scarce facilities, and can travel autonomously through spaces as narrow as 0.9 metres wide while avoiding obstacles in its path. Its bi-directional, same-speed capability allows the AMR to reverse out of dead ends without the need for a spot turn.

It is powered by the company’s proprietary user-friendly interface and is easily deployable for material transportation using a tablet or laptop. The robot has a high uptime of up to ten hours on a single charge and a fast battery charging time of three hours. Its improved navigation and obstacle detection capabilities, as well as its 270⁰ 2D LIDARS on the front and rear, ensure safety. This intelligent behaviour reassures facility managers that Magnus is safe to deploy in areas with a high volume of human traffic.

Germany-based Baumüller is expanding its drive and automation business through its system company, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik GmbH & Co KG, which offers Magnus for the automation of material handling and delivery processes. SESTO is the only robotics company providing AMRs to Baumüller.

Delighted with the partnership and leveraging it to expand its product portfolio and offer customized automation solutions for businesses, particularly to meet the growing global demand for AMRs, Thomas Scholz, Sales Director, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik, explained, “SESTO Magnus’ versatility enables limitless configurations on one single autonomous platform. By adding valuable customizations such as collaborative robots, UV and ozone disinfection equipment, scissor lift tables, intelligent racking systems and other individually implementable payloads to Magnus, we will help industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare achieve the benefits of automation.”

Ang Chor-Chen, Chief Executive, SESTO Robotics, added, “Through our partnership with Baumüller, we will bring our Singapore designed AMR solution to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in Europe. With Magnus, Baumüller will help businesses automate material transportation for a wide variety of applications, including intralogistics, machine assembly, testing and diagnostic technology.”

Image Source: SESTO Robotics


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