We are at such a point in time in our life when we are experiencing in flesh and blood what was until now studied as history, read as stories, or seen as movies. It never even occurred to us that we could be subject to something as calamitous. However, serious studies reveal that events happen and situations revert, what remains are the learnings so universal, they could and should be applied to all walks of life. As Voltaire said: History never repeats itself, Man does.

Times like these are the most conducive for us to take a hard look at ourselves, our goals, and the measures to attain them. As we make our plans – business or personal – the beliefs, qualities, and traits that push us onward to reach our objectives, if not reviewed and rethought at key milestones, are the same ones that can push us over.

Becoming and staying successful

Establishing a successful company or making a success of oneself needs optimism and determination to not take no for an answer. Long-term success in any endeavor comprises attaining a goal and keeping at it. For example: capturing a market share and keeping the market share. The skills needed for both of the above actions are contradictory and come from having pragmatic beliefs and taking appropriate actions. Getting a share needs risk-taking abilities and keeping the share needs risk managing abilities. These are akin to playing a game against different opponents or at different terrains.

Being confident and pushing oneself on, irrespective what others perceive of one's endeavors, leads to the attainment of goals. However, caution should be used to prevent getting overconfident and reading situations wrong when certain milestones are reached. A rethink is an absolute must to maintain these goals and better them in new situations and circumstances.

It takes years to realize the importance of a product or a service, but failure can happen in a jiffy. As they say, reputation is built over years and can be ruined in a second. Building on success is a slow process that gets less attention than losses, which are sudden and attract attention. The irony is that growth is more powerful and constructive but less impacting. Whereas, destruction entails failure, making a person lose his hard-earned and much-treasured confidence.

TK Ramesh
Managing Director
Micromatic Machine Tools Pvt Ltd


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