Picking Up the Pace

Necessity has always been the reason for inventions. Of late, the industry too has started feeling an acute need for the academia to pay heed to the changing times and bring forth a workforce that is ready to cater to the dynamic global market place.

An Ode to the Game Changers

That India is emulating the global trend of self-employment is evident from the various startups mushrooming all over the country across a myriad of sectors. It is not the sloth of striving for someone else or the desire for a better work-life balance or more income that is driving the younger generation towards such risk-taking ventures that come with no guarantee of success. On the contrary, they end up putting in more work hours and earning less on an average.

Where the Land is Full of Marvels!

Being an ardent admirer of engineering marvels of the past and present and with a dream job to witness them on a frequent basis, I have groomed myself to notice intricacies in the engineering art when I encounter it.

Trade Fairs : More than just a Marketing Instrument

From gaining visibility to striking new deals, exhibitions and trade shows offer opportunities no business would want to miss out on. It is a strategy that has withstood the test of time, playing a significant role in the success of most machine tool companies that have been reaping rich dividends in terms of experience, product development, while forging relationships, building brand and, most importantly, bringing sales from new markets.

Publisher's Note

It's the pursuit for knowledge and a relentless curiosity to explore that enable manufacturing industry to stay ahead in a world that keeps changing with the blink of an eye.

Growth Opportunities in Aerospace & Defence Sectors

Greetings from the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) and Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine September 2017 edition.

No Time Like the Present...

At the outset, I wholeheartedly thank you, our valuable readers, for your encouraging words on the refreshed version of MMI. Your continued support and faith provide us the confidence to recognise opportunities coming our way and make the best of them while reaching out to a wider global audience.

Encouraging Fidelity in Business

In the manufacturing B2B space, most of us believe our customers are loyal since we keep getting repeat business from them over time. It is also perceived that the capital equipment purchase in manufacturing is driven by the same sentiment because it is fairly common to see lines of machines from the same manufacturer. However, a different picture emerges when we seriously ponder over the noble quality of loyalty and its attributes.

Publisher's Note

Modern Manufacturing India (MMI)magazine has had a grand beginning. Ourwidely circulated bimonthly magazine has been well-accepted by the global manufacturingfraternity and serves as a reading lens to themanufacturing world that is constantly undergoingchanges with technology replacing labor.

Fueling Manufacturing Growth

Welcome once again to Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine July 2017 edition.

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