Raising the Bar

Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd (LMW) seems to have mastered the art of staying ahead of the game. One of its strong arms, the Machine Tool Division, has been garnering rave reviews in the industry for its relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

Ensuring Maximum Productivity

A CNC-based hybrid tool solution, the Ambit multi-task system, from Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, can be integrated into almost any CNC metalworking machine. With an upgrade to Beckhoff's PC-based control platform with EtherCAT as the fast fieldbus system, the Ambit solution enables the alternate use of metal removal and metal deposition heads in the tool spindle, and ensures optimized machine communication.

Making Life-Changing Devices

Modern medical machine shops are constantly striving to meet the demands of acute precision and complexity. An account of how a tool and die shop came up with innovative solutions in the face of challenges.

India-Japan : Untapping the Potential through Synergy

India and Japan have a history of mutually benefiting industrial collaborations. Recent developments in their engagement paint a brighter picture as the countries are recognising each other's strengths and are leveraging them for their growth. In the machine tool sector, Japan has its expertise and know-how to offer to India, while India can reciprocate with its market size, technological concepts and skilled workforce.

Being on the Edge of Success

To gain a competitive edge over low-cost suppliers, manufacturers of solid carbide tools should invest in the pre-requisites that guarantee optimum grinding results at significantly reduced process costs, along with a long tool life.

For Good Measure

An account of how FARO's 3D measurement system helped Anusaya increase its measurement accuracy levels and efficiency, reduce the amount of time needed for taking measurements and capture measurement digital data easily.

Empowering Partners

With its turnkey and tailor-made modern machining solutions for an array of sectors, TaeguTec India is well recognized as the most preferred tooling partner in the industry. The company has achieved a jaw-dropping success by constantly innovating to cater to its customers' requirements, all the way keeping its gaze fixed on the volatile market trends.

Retrofit Tunes Ford Press to High Performance

The installation of Schuler's Tri-axis Transfer helped in the overhaul of Ford's large panel press, resulting in a myriad benefits.

Streamlining Component Setting and Inspection

Read on to learn how the Pune-based Universal Manufacturing Company (Unimac) achieved a 90 percent reduction in the inspection time over four months after installing Renishaw's Primo system, designed for on-machine part setting, part inspection and tool setting.

Bridgingthe Industry-AcademiaGap

Despite an abundance of highly capable and qualified human capital, India needs to focus on developing the skills of its workforce to become a global powerhouse. The task will be easier if the government, the private sector, and the academia join hands. Rajkot-based Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd is one of the pioneers that is doing its bit for the national cause.

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