Guiding Principles that Spell Success

Shops, to improve and prosper, must create a culture conducive for growth and instil a sense of doing more than routine tasks in their employees. Below are the pointers to help job shops kick-start the practice.

Committed to the Craft

Aided by state-of-the-art infrastructure and triggered by the objective of providing optimum quality components such as die sets, die springs, cam units, rotary tables etc., Pune-based Fibro India Precision Products Pvt Ltd has achieved an enviable position in Indian industry. Compact design and longer functional life with competitive pricing constitute added factors that have given the company an edge over others.

Measures that matter

In order to streamline its decade-old manufacturing process, Perfect INC. resorted to FARO's ScanArm, a seven-axis measurement solution that offers maximum data handling, highest accuracy, and optimum efficiency for users.

The wave of the Future

Industry 4.0 introduces the Smart Factory which aims at increasing efficiencies through a way that minimizes the damage to resources. Disruptive business models and processes are being thought of every day, which ensures that not only is it Smart, but is also Sustainable.

A cut above

A wide range of advantages offered by fiber laser cutting technology renders it the preferred choice over CO2 for flat sheet metal processing.

Empowering the Engineers of Tomorrow

Beckhoff Automation Pvt Ltd has joined forces with the academia to help put Research & Development on the forefront and drive the technological advancements in the industry, opening new business opportunities for economic growth. Learn about its initiative that has to motivate others to follow suit.

Scaling the ladder of success

The end of the last year marked a new beginning for Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd (AMS). The leader in machining centers has beefed up its already hard-to-reckon-with manufacturing prowess with a new facility, taking it closer to its present goal.

Great Time for Great Beginnings

With the aim to enhance its manufacturing capacity in India and tap the growing market demand, Coimbatore-based S&T Machinery Pvt Ltd (STM) recently inaugurated its second machine tool manufacturing facility. The company has joined forces with software manufacturer Autodesk to make high-end technology affordable and easily accessible to its customers.

Process Monitoring Devices For Smart Forming Manufacturing

The devices are fitted directly to the machine to record a process quality factor (PQ factor), which is displayed on the devices.

In Tune With the Changing Times

In the modern industrial world, a forging company, along with being a forging supplier, has also become a supplier of turned parts. The design aspects and practical factors in the automatic handling of forgings for feeding into the first machining process of turning operation play a crucial role in the quality and cost of the final product.

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