Digitization Creating Waves in Automotive Industry

That digitization is changing the face of manufacturing is the fact which industrial manufacturers are increasingly paying heed to. Assured of its pay-off, the machine tool industry has also started investing in advanced technologies to tap opportunities in the automotive industry, its biggest ally.

Realizing the Impossible

For over a decade, Imaginarium has been striving to transform the face of Indian manufacturing with the aid of additive manufacturing, also called as 3D printing. To successfully meet its customers’ diverse needs, India’s largest rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing center has been delving in novel ways to turn ideas into shapes considered impossible until now. Here’s its journey so far and what has taken it to emerge as a winner…

Exceeding the Expectations

Micromatic Grinding met Stanadyne India’s requirement of a fuel pump assembly solution with stringent quality parameters by innovatively tweaking its standard offering.

The Winds of Change

India’s auto industry is in a state of flux like never before. As the industry weighs the pros and cons of its electric future and seek ways to adjust itself for the shift to clean-fuel technology, we get industry experts to talk on how ready we are to embrace e-mobility in India.

Taking Ties to a New Level

India and Spain’s striving to strengthen their bonds at the bilateral level is bound to reap rich dividends for both the countries. A look at how EU’s third largest economy is contributing to the growth of India’s manufacturing industry.

Pushing the Limits

Össur uses high-performance DMG MORI CNC machines in an efficient complete-machining process to produce complex components for state-of-the-art prostheses.

A Game Changer for the Manufacturing Industry

Additive manufacturing is all set to take center stage as manufacturers unfold its potential to revolutionize the production process. However, certain challenges remain to be addressed before its widespread adoption.

Leveraging IoT in Brownfields

Digital transformation has become imperative in order to sustain and succeed in the current era of industrial IoT. However, despite its immense benefits, there exists a plethora of challenges that Brownfield facilities face in embracing it. B&R Automation claims to have a solution that can fix the situation.

Medical Equipment Industry : A New Sunrise Sector for Manufacturing Technologies

The Indian machine tool industry is all geared up to explore opportunities in medical device manufacturing. With the Government’s supportive initiatives in this regard, the industry is close to establish the country as a hotbed for the manufacture of healthcare equipment.

Thriving Beyond Borders

The EMAG Group’s enormous growth can be attributed to its strategy of continuous expansion. With its Indian subsidiary, the Group has ensured that the demands of its customers for its state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions are well taken care of.

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