Cognizant of Each Other’s Needs

After having remained as two separate entities confined to their own focus areas for long, the industry and the academia now acknowledge that their goals overlap, and, hence, have joined hands in their pursuit. Dassault Systèmes Foundation’s initiative at NK Orchid College of Engineering & Technology, Solapur, is an encouraging move in this direction.

Mapping the Role of Metal Forming in Automotive Industry

Although the metal forming sector makes for just 20 percent of the Indian machine tool industry, its significance cannot be undermined. The country’s booming automotive sector is to further boost its importance in the scheme of things.

R&D in Indian Machine Tools

Research and Development (R&D) is crucial for innovation in the manufacturing industry. Investment in technology for bringing out new products, processes and services builds the industry’s competitive advantages and enhances its future capabilities.

Exchanging to Grow

With Germany being India’s largest trading partner in Europe, the two countries have been consistently engaged in sharing each other’s strengths. Visible progress in this mutual give and take is optimistic and a definite sign for a lot to look forward to in the machine tool space.

Artificial Intelligence : Now and the Road Ahead

Artificial Intelligence is the most talked-about topic, ensuing massive speculation on whether robots will rule the roost.

With the Pioneer Spirit

With relentless focus on productivity and quality, Gedee Weiler Pvt Ltd has invariably met the dynamic demands of its customers...

Boosting Efficiency

Automation, when done right, provides numerous benefits to job shops. A look at the factors to consider before and after its adoption…

Smart Fixtures, Smart Manufacturing

The recently concluded IMTEX 2019 bore testimony to the fact that technology has a profound impact on how factories operate today. For the first time in the 50 years of IMTEX exhibitions, a separate hall was dedicated to Industry 4.0 and IoT related technology. This is a harbinger of a smart future with more and more Indian companies gearing up to reap the benefits of making their factories smarter through the use of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Tackling the Tough Stuff

The NC program optimization module from CGTech can safely be termed as a boon for those dealing with difficult-to-machine materials, rendering benefits such as reduced cycle time, improved tool life, better part quality, and less wear and tear on CNC machine tools.

Industry 4.0 : Driving Manufacturing Forward

For the Indian manufacturing industry to evolve and get at par with its global peers, it is highly crucial that its players – big, medium, small – embrace Industry 4.0, the current trend of automation and data exchange.

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