Reaching for the Sky

Chizel, India’s B2B Cloud Manufacturing Platform, has had a quintessential journey of a successful startup. Sparked by the passion to create a positive difference in the Indian manufacturing industry and equipped with the foresight to temper with ideas along the way, the company is now top of its game, raring to accomplish more.

Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0

AI technologies are a key success factor for Industry 4.0. However, their use in the latter presents both opportunities and hurdles for real-world production facilities. Read on to know about them…

Seeking Next-Gen Fuel

Although Lithium-Ion batteries and Hydrogen fuel cell technology have been ruling the roost in the electric vehicles space, there exist several unresolved issues which can be mitigated with Aluminum-fuel cells technology as an alternative.

Perspective on Hot Forming Technology

Hot Forming Technology has earned itself a reputation for being capital intensive, energy guzzling, slower, costly, difficult but hot forming and warm forming become inevitable.

IMTEX FORMING 2020 : Propelling Metal Forming Growth

The Indian metal forming sector is on the rise, slowly reducing dependence on imported forming machinery and fulfilling needs of various domestic industries. IMTEX FORMING 2020 & Tooltech 2020 will showcase the advancements we have made in the metal forming space and provide a learning ground for us to continue doing the same.

New Manufacturing Paradigms

The manufacturing sector is undergoing a transition, wherein there is a need for creating more and better with less. Businesses around the world are evolving and adapting to advanced technologies in Industry 4.0. A take on how the smart factory of the future is slated to be…

A Guide to Finishing Metal 3D - Printed Parts

Finishing 3D-printed parts is a different ball game than conventionally machined ones. An expert explains…

Yet Another Milestone

Since its foray into the Indian market, DMG MORI India has been consistently expanding its activities while proactively promoting the development of the machine tool industry of the country.

Implementing Favorable Changes

Despite the adoption of automation in the Indian manufacturing space on the rise, there are many who remain unaware of the benefits that accrue it.

Integrating Lean and Green

With the aim to achieve manufacturing excellence in its processes and become a world-class manufacturing unit, Khutale Engineering successfully dealt with numerous challenges in its path towards growth with the Lean and Green approach.

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