The Driving Force Behind Success

Swedish company Comeco had its newly launched line of rebar benders configured with electric drives with integrated PLC from Nord Drivesystems. This helped the company attain a simpler, more robust, and easier to maintain solution. Along with substantial savings for procured parts, the assembly time also was halved.

Making Excellence a Habit

A systematic application of tools and techniques of lean manufacturing coupled with innovation helped this company in achieving manufacturing excellence. An interesting read.

Collaborating for an Empowered Future

Despite our strong focus on education and training in academic institutions, there still remains an acute dearth of industry-ready workforce equipped with the right kind and amount of skill sets. Along with the Government’s schemes to address the issue, the industry also needs to play its part and extend its support to the academia to groom candidates accordingly.

Soaring High

Opportunities are brimming in India’s emerging aerospace and defence sectors, leading to large scale tie ups between Indian and foreign companies. Certain initiatives like IMTMA’s AeroDef project have surfaced to help Indian machine tool builders better equip themselves to cater to the precise demands of the sectors and fill the gaps.

India-Italy : Championing Synergy

Post India’s major economic reform, GST, many a foreign company is getting drawn to India for mutual trade gains. Europe’s second biggest manufacturing hub, Italy has also recognized opportunities in the country’s industrial sectors and is on the way to beef up the bond.

High Demand in Aerospace Industry a Boon to Machine Tool Market

A strong global growth of both passenger and freight air transport demand followed by strong demand for new aircraft and increasing competition between aircraft manufacturers point to a robust aerospace market in the near future, with opportunities galore for machine tool builders.

Showcasing India’s Manufacturing Process

With a growing strength in the manufacturing sector and the government’s encouraging initiatives, India seems to be soon realizing its dream of becoming the next manufacturing destination. Being part of the EMO Hannover 2017 will help gain the much-needed exposure for us to explore contemporary trends and for the world to realize our potential.

Industry 4.0 : Manufacturing’s Next Move

The Industry 4.0 concept will be ushering in a favorable sea change in the world of manufacturing. However, for the small and mid-tier enterprises (SMEs) to make the most of its phenomenal digital opportunities, the trend requires more openness in the machine tool industry and in the user sectors involved.

Immense Prospects for Private Sector in Aerodef

Aerospace and defence manufacturing are two key critical segments earmarked for development and manufacturing growth in India now. The twin sectors which often overlap one another throw immense possibilities for breeding upstream and downstream investment prospects besides promoting innovation and growth.

Customer is the Priority

Like most success sagas, Yamazaki Mazak India too had a humble beginning. It has risen in stature by staying keenly attentive to its customers’ needs and catering to them in due time. More on the company and its philosophy that has taken it places…

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