Towards Lasting Partnerships

The Blaser coolant Blasocut 4000 Strong has a sump life of over 20 years now! It all began in 1998 when Tata Motors in Pune was looking for a high-quality metalworking fluid. Blaser Swisslube India reflects on the success story so far and is sure of it lasting for the next 20 years.

Growing on a Solid Foundation

A family-owned and managed business, Electropneumatics & Hydraulics (I) Pvt Ltd has got all its basics right.

Running Dry

Continuing to build its reputation for creative solutions, this multi-faceted medical device component manufacturer took its Swiss machining operations to a new level to meet a customer’s market demands.

Coexisting with Robots

The picture is still a little hazy when it comes to adopting robots on shop floors. Would they really be a great assistance to humans or eventually replace them? Here’s the value addition robotics can bring to the cutting tools industry and the pitfalls to watch out for…

The Road Less Traveled

Mechanical Engineering has long been a male dominated space. But over the years, a few pioneering women have refused to conform and forayed into the machine tool industry. Here they talk of coming out of their comfort zone, choosing a path treaded less by their likes, and making a difference as role models.

Facilitating Growth

Linked systems, each comprising three NLX 2500/700s from DMG MORI, have enabled Eisenwerk Erla to evolve from a modern jobbing foundry to a future-oriented full-liner.

Efficient Engineering with EPLAN

The transition from a traditional software to EPLAN has provided Grind Master Machines a greater advantage in terms of increased production rate, reduced cost structure and quick turnaround time.

Strategic Solutions and Competitive Advantages

It’s almost four decades that University Professors and Consultants have been studying Toyota and trying to comprehend how and what it does. With scores of books on lean management and an oversupply of seminars, trainings, master classes etc., most claim to know and even practise ‘lean’, falling short of replicating Toyota or Mysore Kirloskar. Here’s revisiting some fundamentals that can come handy in one’s lean journey…

Leveraging Technology

A compelling account of how the implementation of an innovative and unmanned robotic system helped Distinct Productivity Solutions, an SME, to earn customer delight.

Cognizant of Each Other’s Needs

After having remained as two separate entities confined to their own focus areas for long, the industry and the academia now acknowledge that their goals overlap, and, hence, have joined hands in their pursuit. Dassault Systèmes Foundation’s initiative at NK Orchid College of Engineering & Technology, Solapur, is an encouraging move in this direction.

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