Bridgingthe Industry-AcademiaGap

Despite an abundance of highly capable and qualified human capital, India needs to focus on developing the skills of its workforce to become a global powerhouse. The task will be easier if the government, the private sector, and the academia join hands. Rajkot-based Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd is one of the pioneers that is doing its bit for the national cause.

Retooling the Engine

Volvo Construction Equipment successfully managed prototype savings of 18 weeks and 92 percent of costs with the help of Stratasys' 3D Printer.

Innovation on the Assembly Floor

In order to boost the productivity of its most famous product and gain the most sought after competitive edge, this largest manufacturer of CNC lathes in the country had to resort to an unconventional approach. Read on to learn about the revamping it brought to the product's manufacturing and assembly and the radical results thereafter.

GST : As Seen from a Manufacturing Perspective

Viewed from a business perspective, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill is on a mission that of unifying India into a one single market for the ease of doing business. This, of course, has never been seen or experienced before.

India-Germany : Making the Best of Each Other's Strengths

The fifth largest economy in the world, Germany is India's largest trading partner in the EU and has consistently been among top ten global partners. A look at the current juncture of their relationship and the things that make them important for each other's progress.

Choosing an ERP System for Data-Driven Machine Shops

Manufacturers with an ERP system in place should re-evaluate the system as the essential forerunner of and foundation for emerging data-driven manufacturing concepts.

Understanding the Machine Tool Industry's Ups and Downs

In recent years, China's patterns of consumption have had an exaggerated effect on global cycles.

Revving up The Growth Engine

Outnumbering the various odds, the advantages of India have helped the country rise from being a local to a major global supplier of auto components. A cursory glance at the sector's global standing and the efforts that are being put in for chasing an ambitious target...

Hitting the Optimized Sweet Spot

Most manufacturers across industries operate far less efficiently than they should. It is important for them to initiate the changes required to optimize cutting tools, toolpath, and machine performance, and view them in an integrated relationship for better machining effectiveness. The payback is worth it.

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