On the Right Track

Dormer Pramet has been supporting the railway industry with its wide range of cutting tools to improve both production and maintenance. Here's a sneak peek into its offerings

Pushing Boundaries

Infamous for being reluctant in adopting disruptive technologies, the Indian market is surprisingly witnessing a whopping rise in robot installations. Domestic startup ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd is playing a crucial role in digitally transforming many an enterprise in several sectors with their innovative offerings.


Modellbau Clau and DMG MORI's association dates back to the early 2000. The trust built over the years made the former invest in a 3D Printing machine, bringing in numerous benefits such as production of metal prototypes


Since its foray into the Indian market, EPLAN India has been consistently on an upward growth trajectory catering to diverse industrial segments with its host of high-quality offerings. An insight into its values, the unwavering focus on customers, and the company's plans going ahead


Today's manufacturers face a host of challenges related to effectively managing product design and manufacturing data. How well manufacturing organizations manage product and production dataand leverage this data to support related functionshas a direct bearing on a manufacturer's ability to grow, as well as maintain and extend its competitive edge.

Layer by Layer

Deemed as a transformative approach to industrial production, additive manufacturing is the current rage in the global industry. The titans of the Indian industry expound their views on its opportunities, the challenges in the way of embracing it and the ways to overcome them...


For India to be really Atmanirbhar, it is important to understand the vital role Electronic Manufacturing and the overall Manufacturing sector has to play in nation building and in employment creation for the country's future generations.


With most industries now providing a broad swath of flexible work arrangements to their employees, the dilemma for the Indian manufacturing industry looms large. Embracing the new culture of remote working and social distancing norms being far from possible, the industry is exploring possibilities to continue working traditionally without comprising its workers' safety.

Building Resilience in Tough Times

The pandemic and the lockdowns following its onset spelt doom for the industries worldwide. However, the worst being assumed to be over, they are delving deep to innovate and are looking out for opportunities and strategies to innovate and emerge stronger.


With the aim to demonstrate Taiwan's high caliber in smart manufacturing to global players in the machine tool arena, a webinar cum trade meeting was arranged recently. Highlights of the event

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