In the Right Direction

Rajamane Industries Pvt Ltd has stayed consistent in its growth, manufacturing high-quality coolant pumps for various industries. With resilience and focus as its primary driving forces, the company has tided over many a challenge only to emerge as a winner every single time.

On the Digital Path

Gemini Power Hydraulics builds repeatable processes and strengthens customer connect with Salesforce.

Creating Layer by Layer

Additive manufacturing, a technology that started with the goal of rapid prototyping, has now expanded its goal towards making lighter, complex shapes with acceptable strength. The reduction in the material used, lesser number of parts for maintenance, lesser transportation, and reduced energy consumption make this manufacturing technique a truly sustainable solution.

Embracing a Transformative Approach

Paragon Medical – Southington leveraged ESPRIT CAM, which helped it reduce the time it took to program a 7-axis lathe from three days to one and offered many other benefits.

Going Beyond Solutions

For more than three decades, WIDMA has been leading the special purpose machine tool industry in India, elevating it to the best global standards. Here's knowing its journey, and the highly inspiring philosophy behind it that aims to empower customers in order to change the game...

Immersive Technologies in Manufacturing

Both augmented and virtual reality technologies are vastly increasing productivity and efficiencies for manufacturing companies. Their benefits are enormous - from reducing training costs and increasing knowledge retention, to getting products to market quicker, and making assembly lines and maintenance tasks vastly more efficient. There are huge opportunities available for manufacturers, and they are only going to get even more pronounced as the technologies mature.

Changing Focus of Digitalization

The manufacturing sector in India has been going through some massive transformations with the key focus on data-driven process designs to help address the productivity, efficiency, and quality gaps. Here’s knowing more about it.

For a Better Tomorrow

According to a recent AVEVA survey, 85 percent of industrial businesses plan to increase their investment in digital transformation and sustainability.

Towards a Green Future

Industry experts share their take on why using renewable energy is crucial for sustainable engineering and enlist the challenges in deploying it in manufacturing facilities in India and the benefits derived out of it in terms of savings and environmental protection.

IMTEX & IMTEX FORMING 2022: A Plug and Play of Innovations

IMTEX, South East Asia’s largest and most efficient industrial exhibition, is scheduled on January 20-26, 2022, at BIEC, Bengaluru. For the first time, the highly coveted show on machine tools is being held with IMTEX FORMING along with the concurrent shows ToolTech 2022 and Digital Manufacturing, to fulfil its promise to bring the best and latest in innovations…

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