For Greater Productivity

Tubular linear motors are outperforming their counterparts by offering a slew of significant benefits, including their applications in harsh environments and automated warehousing.

Additive Manufacturing for Sustainable Success

More and more companies are finding out how additive manufacturing is a viable and effective tool for design, prototyping, and production. It’s becoming an essential tool in the manufacturing toolbox. It’s not just that it is novel; it has tangible benefits for one’s business.

Women in Manufacturing Ecosystem

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation with more women contributing and adding value to it, making the sector inclusive with equitable opportunities for all. Here we have Helen Blomqvist, President, Sandvik Coromant, and Mohini Kelkar, Director, Business Development, Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd, giving us a sneak peek into their roles as leaders in the industry and challenges encountered in performing them, and also proffering wise counsel to those seeking to tread the same path.

Future Trends in Aerospace

Characterized by growth for decades, the aerospace industry has never been in as deep a crisis as COVID-19. Now that the markets have returned to the levels of growth last seen in 2006, how can aerospace manufacturers get back on track? The answer lies in more sustainable manufacturing. An expert in the field explains how collaboration will play a vital part in the recuperation of the industry.

Towards Transformation

Where will additive manufacturing go in the next 10 years? Stephanie Hendrixson and Pete Zelinski offer six ideas in the latest episode of the AM Radio podcast.

Undeterred by Challenges

The Indian manufacturing sector is bouncing back and is well on its growth path. Industry insiders share their outlook on what trends are needed to maintain this momentum and shape the future of the sector…

Making an Impact

The manufacturing ecosystem is undergoing a massive transformation, with more women stepping up to make huge strides and help the industry reap big rewards with their potential.

Stepping up the Auto Game

Enabled by in-house developed technology and products, Bangalore-based mobility technology company CellProp Pvt Ltd aims to design and produce the most advanced, class-leading electric commercial vehicles and work on solving the hurdles that logistics companies face in their large-scale adoption.

Focused on the Goal

GH India has come a long way from its humble roots. From working out of a rented shed to owning a state-of-the-art facility sprawled over two acre, the company’s journey has been a tour-de-force in every possible sense of that phrase.

Towards a Smart Future

Indian companies must equip themselves with the requisites, including knowledge, skills, and attitude, to advance technologically and adapt to the changing scenario.

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