Realizing the strategic importance of sectors such as defence, aerospace, space, and aviation, the Government of India has earmarked them for growth. The development in each of these domains gets percolated to other sectors and impacts the overall growth of technology and economy of the country, also providing significant opportunities for the Indian machine tool industry.

Tiny Changes, Big Impact

Leaks are notorious for causing major operating losses including energy wastage in an industrial compressed air system. Here are some sustainable actions that can be taken to address them…

Reaching for the Sky

Space data company Pixxel is a result of a strong desire to explore what’s beyond our planet. The founders shared love for space and space technology has shaped many an innovation that aims at bringing a lasting impact in areas like agriculture and pollution monitoring.

The True Measure of Success

Mikronix Gauges Pvt Ltd (MGPL) has long discovered that true success lies in gauging the customers’ demands much ahead of time and catering to them innovatively. Keeping its customers first is its mantra that has assured that the company steadfastly stays on the path of progress.

Evaluating Pandemic Measures

Industry experts share their views on the on-going second wave of Coronavirus’ impact on India’s growth momentum and economic recovery, and how much of a deterrent are the lockdowns and curbs on the manufacturing activities to the ease of doing business…

Doing the Right Thing

Seco Tools has been making a strong contribution to the circular economy and has set an ambitious target that will hugely favor the environment along with the company’s business.

Grooming Engineers of Tomorrow

Umesh Pai, Managing Director, EPLAN India, offers an insight into the company’s endeavor to bridge the ever-growing gap between the industry and the academia...

Pinning Hopes on a Turnaround

No sooner did India get some much-needed respite from the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the second wave hit us from nowhere with the threat to undo the gains we managed in the interim phase. However, the Indian manufacturing industry, as resilient it is, is taking the economic pinch in the right spirit, conforming to all norms and waiting it out to emerge all the more successful.


Advanced technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and additive manufacturing are proving to be a boon for the manufacturing industry, bringing in benefits including reduction in the cost of production, downtime, and errors, and improvement in the speed of operations. The case in point is a testimony to how IIoT-enabled metal processing machines can prove themselves crucial with their multitude of advantages.


The combination of Quaker Chemical and Houghton International positions Quaker Houghton as a global leader in industrial process fluids for the metal and metalworking customers. Armed with an expanded products and services portfolio, the company plans to broaden its horizons across a wide spectrum of customer segments including steel, automotive, mining, industrial parts manufacturing, aerospace, and tube and pipe.

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