Pursuing Excellence

Asia's leading fixture builder, Forms & Gears has been providing complete fixture solutions across the globe for the last 45 years. The company divulges its simple formula for success which is to keep honing one's skill as best as is possible while resorting to all the right approaches.

In Search of the Right Machine

There are general purpose machines and there are those meant for specific applications. The following guidelines can prove to be extremely helpful in narrowing down the hunt for the machine that fits the bill.

Creating Efficiencies

India witnesses a spurt in its demand for industrial robots pointing to the fact that domestic manufacturers are rapidly embracing automation to remain competitive. An overview of this trend that has been growing at a phenomenal pace worldwide and overhauling the ways in which we operate.

3D Printing - To Do or Not To Do

Andrew Tordanato of Diversified Manufacturing Technologies enlists the questions one must answer before adding 3D printing capability to their manufacturing operations.

Automation & Robotics: Twin-headed Engines Driving Smart Manufacturing

From increasing productivity of high precision products to freeing humans of menial jobs, manufacturing organizations have started acknowledging the benefits derived through the adoption of automation and robotics. Harnessing the limitless potential of these technologies can further enhance the Indian industry's position on the global map.

Exceeding the Expectations

Micromatic Grinding met Stanadyne India's requirement of a fuel pump assembly solution with stringent quality parameters by innovatively tweaking its standard offering.

Realizing the Impossible

For over a decade, Imaginarium has been striving to transform the face of Indian manufacturing with the aid of additive manufacturing, also called as 3D printing. To successfully meet its customers' diverse needs, India's largest rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing center has been delving in novel ways to turn ideas into shapes considered impossible until now. Here's its journey so far and what has taken it to emerge as a winner

Digitization Creating Waves in Automotive Industry

That digitization is changing the face of manufacturing is the fact which industrial manufacturers are increasingly paying heed to. Assured of its pay-off, the machine tool industry has also started investing in advanced technologies to tap opportunities in the automotive industry, its biggest ally.

Heading in the Right Direction

It is imperative for the machine tool segment to be extremely strong for the auto industry to achieve a high level of excellence. Working towards it, the former has started embracing advanced production technologies to pass on the benefits to the auto sector, its mainstay and partner in growth.

The Game Changer in Manufacturing

Emerging as a transformative technology, Augmented Reality (AR) is all set to revolutionize manufacturing processes. Among its rapidly evolving applications, it's interesting to know about FARO's integrated solution Visual Inspect where AR is leveraged for quality inspection.

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