Guiding Principles that Spell Success

Shops, to improve and prosper, must create a culture conducive for growth and instil a sense of doing more than routine tasks in their employees. Below are the pointers to help job shops kick-start the practice.

IMTEX FORMING 2018 & Tooltech 2018 : In Sync with Today's Manufacturing Needs

Leaders in manufacturing technologies such as China, Japan, and Germany have built their brands on the back of their machine tool sector. India, with a firm gaze on its target of becoming a manufacturing hub, is soon to catch up with them.

Know Your Material Well

Accurate prediction of frequently encountered material fracture during the forming process is vital in everyday applications. An insight into the methods to identify the material that help successfully deal with the fracture phenomena.

Bavaria : A Promised Land for Hi-tech Business

With a bouquet of industry-friendly initiatives and backed by a favourable ecosystem, Bavaria, the largest state in Germany has been attracting businesses and investors from around the world dealing with hi-tech products, including Internet of Things. Indian firms too have been cashing in on the opportunities offered by Bavaria. However, there are still numerous more windows of growth waiting to be opened.

Spurring Innovation

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is all set to organize its highly awaited flagship event for the Indian metal forming industry, IMTEX FORMING 2018 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru from January 25-30, 2018. A must-have sneak peek into the mega show before you head for it.

India-UK : Collaborating to Succeed

With UK businesses getting increasingly bullish about India and the latter being equally keen to strengthen their trade ties, it gets easier to estimate the immense potential benefits such an engagement entails. A look at the current status of their give and take, particularly in the machine tools sector that points to a bright future.

Why Entrepreneurs Must Keep Learning?

Professionals in every field must constantly equip themselves with the latest skills to achieve new solutions for process problems. Being adept at 'transformational skills' and 'system thinking' constitutes a lifelong learning strategy for them to survive and succeed in the 21st century economy.

Collaborating for an Empowered Future

Despite our strong focus on education and training in academic institutions, there still remains an acute dearth of industry-ready workforce equipped with the right kind and amount of skill sets. Along with the Government's schemes to address the issue, the industry also needs to play its part and extend its support to the academia to groom candidates accordingly.

Making Excellence a Habit

A systematic application of tools and techniques of lean manufacturing coupled with innovation helped this company in achieving manufacturing excellence. An interesting read.

The Driving Force Behind Success

Swedish company Comeco had its newly launched line of rebar benders configured with electric drives with integrated PLC from Nord Drivesystems. This helped the company attain a simpler, more robust, and easier to maintain solution. Along with substantial savings for procured parts, the assembly time also was halved.

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