Opening up Opportunities in Manufacturing

Union Budget 2018, with its focus on economy, attracting investments and encouraging innovation and digitization, protecting domestic businesses, and creating more indigenous jobs, has provided the much-needed impetus to the manufacturing industry. Insiders welcome the measures and present their two cents over it...

It's All About Having the Right Tools

Advanced CAM techniques help Cap-Thin Molds reduce moulding cycles and tool lead times. armen Goudey, Manager of CNC Operations, Cap-Thin Molds, explained that customers sometimes resist the idea of paying a few thousand dollars more for Cap-Thin's high-precision tooling, but once the tools start producing, it's a different story.

Technology Transfer : From Lab to Shop Floor

A project by the students of Marathwada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra garnered tremendous attention from the industry fraternity at i2 Academia Pavilion, an IMTMA initiative at IMTEX Forming 2018. The attempt echoes the need for the industry and academic institutions to collaborate for each to be benefitted.

Driving the Digital Machine Shop

Once a skill-oriented craft, die-making has now evolved and is considered the 'Mother of Manufacturing'. Thanks to the growing popularity of India as a manufacturing hub, the die and mould sector of the country is experiencing a major boom. A peek into the challenges and opportunities that the sector encounters, and Siemens' contribution to it

Taking Machining to Greater Heights

TaeguTec's machining solutions help an engine part maker supplying to aerospace engineering giants improve productivity and cycle time in a rough-milling- followed-by-finish-milling application involving a high-temperature alloy

How Machining with CO2 Works

CO2 as a process coolant offers a slew of benefits: it significantly improves the cost-efficiency of machining, increases productivity by around a third when the machining workpieces are made from PEEK and aluminum, and last but not the least, helps stay components and machines much cleaner.

Saving Time, Enhancing Efficiency

CAM Tools undertakes a project for Faurecia using Autodesk PowerMill and PowerShape to provide a complex tooling solution within the stipulated time.

Composites : Stronger When Together

The advantages offered by composite materials, molded through compression presses, such as low weight, resilience, strength, thermal properties, cost reduction and safety far exceed that of individual materials like plastics, aluminum and steel.

Empowering the Engineers of Tomorrow

Beckhoff Automation Pvt Ltd has joined forces with the academia to help put Research & Development on the forefront and drive the technological advancements in the industry, opening new business opportunities for economic growth. Learn about its initiative that has to motivate others to follow suit.

A Cut Above

A wide range of advantages offered by fiber laser cutting technology renders it the preferred choice over CO2 for flat sheet metal processing.

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