Showcasing Manufacturing Marvels

Keeping up with its tradition, the upcoming edition of IMTEX will be featuring cutting-edge products and technologies for the manufacturing fraternity to have a closer look at them. Listed below are a few of the inexhaustible range of innovations that must be explored at the trade fair.

Working in Tandem

The ‘additive versus subtractive’ war is passé. Listed below are 10 ways that show how machining and metal additive manufacturing are interconnected and enhance each other’s possibilities.

Coping with Market Disruptions

When a plant is digitally transformed, it is better equipped to deal with market disruptions. Read on to know why.


The manufacturing community is jubilant at the comeback of the much-awaited show on metal cutting and manufacturing IMTEX 2023. The trade fair, which has been helping business entities remain relevant in the changing times and stay ahead of the technology curve, will be in its bigger and better avatar, with Tooltech and Digital Manufacturing as its concurrent shows.

Honing the Craft

For the past two decades, Khushbu Honing has been ceaselessly creating milestones for itself in the field of high-quality CNC honing machines. The company has retained its leadership position with a customer-centric approach and continuous quest for world-class quality.

Semiconductors: Tapping Sunrise Opportunities

Semiconductors are the heart and brain of all modern electronics and information and communications technology products. They are critical for almost all sectors of the economy now, ranging from automobiles, consumer electronics, communications, clean energy, defense, IT, etc.

Transformation is a Journey

India is on the verge of a significant transformation, and the automotive industry is at the heart of this. With electric vehicles rapidly becoming the country’s preferred mode of transportation, battery pack design and assembly is at the heart of this innovation journey.

Where IoT Meets Sustainability

Using smart technologies to reduce energy consumption isn’t new for the manufacturing sector, but the challenges of implementing these technologies on-site have long been a barrier to adoption. Here is a little advice to the metal cutting industry on implementing smart factory solutions—both to reduce carbon and increase profits.

IMTEX 2023, TOOLTECH 2023 & DIGITAL MANUFACTURING 2023: Successfully Addressing Manufacturing Needs

The flagship event for the Indian metal cutting industry IMTEX is back with a renewed spirit to once again offer its ideal platform for exploring industry trends and innovations, studying the ever-evolving market needs, connecting with like-minded people, and gaining insight from industry experts.

Gearing Up for the Next Growth Phase

At the 76th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA), President Ravi Raghavan spoke about the encouraging signs of recovery in the Indian machine tool sector, the impetus by the Government, association activities, outlook, and future aspirations, and how these factors will combine to make India one of the top machine tool building nations.

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