Why Entrepreneurs Must Keep Learning?

Professionals in every field must constantly equip themselves with the latest skills to achieve new solutions for process problems. Being adept at 'transformational skills' and 'system thinking' constitutes a lifelong learning strategy for them to survive and succeed in the 21st century economy.

Collaborating for an Empowered Future

Despite our strong focus on education and training in academic institutions, there still remains an acute dearth of industry-ready workforce equipped with the right kind and amount of skill sets. Along with the Government's schemes to address the issue, the industry also needs to play its part and extend its support to the academia to groom candidates accordingly.

Making Excellence a Habit

A systematic application of tools and techniques of lean manufacturing coupled with innovation helped this company in achieving manufacturing excellence. An interesting read.

The Driving Force Behind Success

Swedish company Comeco had its newly launched line of rebar benders configured with electric drives with integrated PLC from Nord Drivesystems. This helped the company attain a simpler, more robust, and easier to maintain solution. Along with substantial savings for procured parts, the assembly time also was halved.

Consuming Responsibly

Dynamic customer requirements, intricate manufacturing processes, and a sudden upsurge of distributed assets have led to manufacturing transformation. Smart and sustainable manufacturing, as it is called, is basically smartly optimizing resources at the system level to achieve higher productivity and operational efficiency.

In Search of Permanence : Matching Production Speed

An explainer on how Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd (SLTL), a pioneer in the field of lasers, came up with a cost-effective solution for a Dolphin company to help it achieve quality pipe marking that could last, with the reduction in manpower, production downtime and scrap as other perks.

Keeping Everything Running

Preventive Maintenance is a comprehensive, regular, and routine maintenance of machines or equipment that helps reduce the likelihood of their failure, thus saving on downtime and expensive repair costs.

Technology as a Helping Hand

Driven by its commitment to produce best-in-class motorcycles, Bajaj Auto Ltd became the first company in India to implement Universal Robots' cobots for its assembly lines. The results, as expected, were enhanced production capabilities, improved ergonomics and evolved offerings.

Growing Together with Customers

The company, upon its arrival, ushered in a wave of revolution in sheet metal fabrication which was still quite nascent in the country. Since then it has been leading the industry with prime focus on customer success through well researched products, process and strong after sales support. A run-through of Amada's strategies that have taken it to the top.

To Gain Much More Than Utilization

A machine-monitoring system is basically installed to achieve an improvement in utilization. But that's just the start of the slew of benefits that can be derived through it.

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