Proven in Practice

The communication system developed by Beckhoff and presented at Hannover Messe 2003 has proven itself as a high-performance real-time Ethernet technology.

Latest Innovations from LMW

Focusing on major demanding factors in the market including accuracy and long-lasting repeatability, reliability, reduction in cycle time, low cost per component, and high productivity, LMW has come up with its latest turning, milling, and turnmill centers.

GT Tooling Invests in LK Freedom Classic Scan Portable Arm to Accelerate Quality Control

GT Tooling, founded in 2011, is a toolmaking and subcontract machining company that spent one year using conventional manual metrology equipment to measure the components it was milling and turning before investing in a 3D articulating arm, a 6-axis model with a reach of 1.2 meters.

India Resilient Despite Global Headwinds

Given the optimistic developments in the rapidly changing Indian Machine Tool industry, it is vital our readers achieve a deeper understanding of the industry's present status. Starting this month, MMI has introduced a new segment that will help us gain that much-needed insight.


The industry and academia bond can play a pivotal role in ushering in innovation and economic growth. Their collaboration offers room for academia to contribute its research and knowledge, while the industry can provide expertise, experience, and opportunities for the other to progress. Cognizant of the fact that the duo together can work wonders, IMTMA provides a platform for them to connect with each other during IMTEX.


JPF Metacast had to undertake the challenging project of developing 28 different parts of the housing flywheel for its client Cummins India, which had to be done in just two years including the pandemic period. Here’s how the project saw the light of day and the benefits it entailed…


amace, a part of the largest machine tool conglomerate in India the AceMicromatic Group (AMG), is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with additive manufacturing that has the potential to achieve new levels of customization, efficiency, and sustainability.


As a premier platform for machine tool industry players, IMTEX has consistently attracted widespread interest. In its latest iteration, the event’s emphasis on digitalization underscored the urgency for domestic companies to adopt intelligent technologies to remain competitive in the global marketplace. In this article, top industry leaders share their insights on the transformative benefits they derived from participating in IMTEX 2023.

Future Trends To Watch Out

The recently concluded IMTEX 2023 offered the participants the Digital Manufacturing Pavilion as a dedicated space to explore the latest smart technologies. Industry stakeholders highlighted notable developments in the Indian manufacturing landscape, as well as their innovative solutions to meet current and future demands. Let’s take a closer look at what caught their attention.


With humidity being a major deterrent to the profitability of industries, dehumidification solutions are extensively sought by industry players to minimize downtime, increase business profitability, and guarantee the timely and quality completion of the project. They also ensure the safety of workers and the continuity of complex processes.

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