Springing to Success

Imbued with entrepreneurial passion, Gala Precision Engineering's young team has reached heights, serving global markets with its high-end technology solutions in the fields of surface engineering and high-performance springs.

Tailored Medical Offerings

Intriguingly named Lucid Implants, this Nagpur-based deep science MedTech start-up is striving to deliver efficiency, reduce medical errors, control costs, and offer personalized healthcare.

A Stitch in Time

Complex capital goods deteriorate during their operation. In order to achieve the goal of restoring as many as parts of goods as possible, the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 871 is doing a research in condition-based regeneration of complex capital goods.

Transforming the Machining World

Robotic Machining is a highly user-friendly revolutionary technology which is taking the machining world by storm. ROBOFINISH by Grind Master Group is vitally contributing to it by delivering flexible automation solutions and resolving major bottlenecks in the foundry industry.

The Perfect Thread

Thread cutting demands reliability and high precision as it is usually the last operation during the machining process of any component. DC Swiss has developed an internal thread whirl (milling) cutter which generates threads without any burr, even in demanding, hard-to-machine materials.

Standing on a Firm Foundation

For the past 15 years, Meiban Engineering has been unstoppable, achieving consistent growth and garnering accolades from its customers. Having built a solid ground, the company has a clear vision of its future and the juncture where it aims to head to.

Amping Up Manufacturing Efficiency

The applications of tube-shaped workpieces have been growing steadily across many industries, thanks to its advantages like light weight and versatility in assembly.

Mitigating Machine Downtimes

Machines require timely intervention for preventive maintenance, saving a company from expensive unplanned downtimes. The TCO method has proved itself effective enough to help companies organize themselves and implement regular servicing of machines.

Creating a Software Ecosystem in Metal Forming

In order to enhance its productivity, quality and competence, and become as lucrative as its peers, it is highly crucial that the metal forming industry must start adopting advanced technologies including building a software ecosystem.

Propelling the Metal Forming Manufacturing Sector

The young breed of entrepreneurs in the metal forming sector is aware of the value advanced manufacturing technologies can bring to manufacturing, and, hence, is keen to break free of the old ways and evolve.

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