Bringing Gear Oils to the Test

An exposition on the importance of gear oils to prevent damage and failure in gearboxes, the challenges encountered in their use, and the various tests they must be put through to prove their effectiveness…

Making Things Visible

With Drishti’s analytics, HELLA, a tier-one automotive supplier, could increase throughput, reduce cycle times, improve employee ergonomics, and achieve a return on investment in under six months.

Changing Medical Implants

Additive manufacturing provides new ways of making medical implants, but its impact is greater than this.

IMTEX FORMING 2022 - A Curtain Raiser

In light of the industry’s current period of stability and renewed confidence, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) is holding IMTEX FORMING 2022—South East Asia's largest exhibition on metal forming technologies, bringing exhibitors and visitors under one roof to achieve high-quality business results.

Increasing Efficiency with Automation

It is highly crucial to recognize the potential for automation where it can have the greatest impact. Embracing easily-navigable, time-saving technology in the face of increasingly more complex processes not only boosts a company’s productivity but also prepares it for the ongoing dramatic rise in competition.

Bolstering Growth

The Government of India is not only promoting schemes to help the present group of startups but also motivating budding entrepreneurs, startups, and students from all domains who intend to be independent and lead the vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ forward. Below are some such initiatives that have been introduced for the development of the Indian startup ecosystem.

V Anbu Superannuated from IMTMA

V Anbu is known to one and all in the manufacturing fraternity. The following account of his contribution to the machine tool and exhibition industries is a snippet of the value he has added. With his guidance, expertise, and encouragement, IMTMA has not only coped with the challenges of all measures but has also thrived. Here’s honoring his achievements and the benchmark he has set…

Navigating the Crisis

A deliberation on how the Indian manufacturing and logistics industries can counter the global supply chain crisis…

Ways to Build a Lean Culture

A successful company culture is one that can be easily accepted or embraced by everyone, from the newest employee to the highest-ranking official. Here are a few essential, tried-and-tested tips to help one build a thriving Lean Culture…

For Greater Productivity

Tubular linear motors are outperforming their counterparts by offering a slew of significant benefits, including their applications in harsh environments and automated warehousing.

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